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The Meaning Behind a Photo: Children, Photo Journalism, and Social Good Campaigns

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Have you seen this photograph?

I saw it for the first time the other day when Carla Young from Momeo Magazine posted it on facebook. She was sharing a post from the Trinikid facebook page that had the photo along with a description that read:

An Iraqi girl in an orphanage – missing her mother, so she drew her and fell asleep inside her.

Oh my heart.

It grabbed me immediately and it obviously did the same to other people, since it has more than 28,000 shares on facebook.

Almost immediately after posting it, Carla added a comment noting that she had heard the photo was created by a photographer, but that it is still a great way to shed light on a problem.

So it was a staged photo. That completely changed the meaning for me. I know that in this day and age of the Internet, and especially since I’ve been on the Internet for 22 years now, I should know not to take things at face value. But it grabbed me and then I felt betrayed that it was staged, but presented as photo journalism.

I started to do some research on the picture. I found another version that said that the little girl had never seen her mother, so she drew a mother and fell asleep inside her (variation on missing her mother, who she had presumably met and cuddled with at some point).  I also found another picture of a boy curled up in the arms of a chalk drawing of his mother with a similar story and then a reader comment saying it was part of a public service announcement in Iraq.

Then, I found what is presumably the true source of the photo. Bharesh Bisheh, an Iranian photograper, posted the picture on her flickr account. In the comments, she explained: 

This little girl is my cousin and she actually fell asleep on the asphalt just outside my house. She must have played for some time and just lied to rest and fell asleep. im used a chair to stand on in order to take this shot. There is no orphanage involved and no tragic story behind this. i took this opportunity to be creative.

It is a style of photography

You can use my photos in your webblag If you mention my name as the photographer of this photo.

thanks to all for the consideration.

Bharesh Bisheh on flickr

The comments on the flickr page include references to numerous uses of the photo, with various stories and in various campaigns. It was apparently even used in an anti-gay marriage campaign in Croatia.

They say that a picture is worth a 1000 words. There are often contests to find a caption for a funny picture. But what happens when we take someone else’s picture and use it to tell our 1000 words? What happens when we come up with a caption that is not just a twist on reality, but an outright lie?

There are millions of orphans in Iraq who have their own stories. Surely those are compelling enough that there is no need to steal an Iranian photographer’s photo and give it a heart-tugging but untrue story? And even if this photo was staged instead of being stolen, would that be any better? Development organizations and journalists that work with children are asked to follow guidelines on ethical reporting. A common thread in these guidelines is “No staging: Do not ask children to tell a story or take an action that is not part of their own history.”

Before I went to Bangladesh with Save the Children, I was advised on the types of photographs that are appropriate and inappropriate in the context of the work that I was doing there. Generally, I had no problem being able to take compelling pictures that told the story of the things I was learning about without having to stage anything. Where possible, I asked people perm ission to take their picture. When they said no, I respected it. I took the time to speak to them when I could to ensure I wasn’t assigning a story to the picture that was inaccurate.

There are so many children, so many people, around the world with compelling stories. I want to give my attention and my heart to those stories, not to a fabrication based on a stolen or staged photograph.

What do you think? Beyond the obviously wrong stealing of the picture in this instance, do you think it is okay to stage a picture, assign it a story, and pass it off as the truth?

2013 From the Mouths of Moms

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The quotes herein are all verbatim from the mouths of some of the mamas I have served in 2013. Hopefully, some will make you laugh, and some will make you pause.

From a mama at 7cm working through active labor when her partner, whom she had previously asked to joke with her until she couldn’t stand it any more, cracked a particularly unsavory joke at her situation.

“Shut up. Shut up or I will shoot you in your balls. I got what I need from ‘em” (while patting her very pregnant form). 

When a mama started questioning her ability to achieve her VBAC in the midst of labor, during a thunderstorm, her husband asked her if she still thought she could do it.

“My uterus knows, you know? It knows…. And dammit, if it can sing this truth through the pain and the rain, then maybe, just maybe, my heart and head might start listening.”

First words spoken from mama as her baby waited to be ‘received’ from the ground into her mamas arms. Second baby after a very traumatic first birth.

“My, aren’t you perfect?! My perfect redemption. You are the reason I can cry tears of joy instead of pain.”

While nurse was buzzing around the room getting ready for birth after an amazingly precipitous labor:

“No matter how fast you move, you can’t get the doc here in time to catch this baby… cuz I’m puuuuuuussssshhhing!”

P.S. nurse caught baby, I assisted.

When midwife announces that mom is 10cm and ready to push after over 48 hours of very intense labor.

“You think you can’t go on, but you can. You think you can’t give just one more, but you do. F*ck, I’m amazing!”

Doctor is giving a very uncomfortable cervical exam to mom while she starts a contraction. Mom begs doc to stop, he doesn’t, so she says, rather vehemently:

“Get your fingers out of my vagina or I’ll break them.”

Nurse encourages mom to get on her back to push, for the 5th time in 2 pushing contractions. Mom is in a squatting position and says sweetly:

“Dear nurse, have you ever tried to shit on your back? Please don’t ask me to shit on my back.”

Mom while at home, after I tell her I think she is getting to the point we should think about moving to her place of birth:

(to me) “You brought your emergency kit, right?” (to her partner) “Honey, what do you think of just staying here?”

Mama to her baby, who is still in her womb:

“Ok, here’s the deal baby, I squeeze, you wiggle down. Squeeze and wiggle. Squeeze and wiggle. Got it? We can do this, little journeying soul.”

Conversation between laboring mom and her wife:

“What time is it?”
“What day is it?”
“When will baby be here”
“When he’s ready”

Mom telling her birthstory to a group of other pregnant women at a meeting

“Labor pinches your cheeks, buckles your knees, shakes your hands, and squeezes your midsection. But it won’t kick your butt unless you let it.”

Mom had been asking dad to massage her back on and off for about an hour. When he said he would like to go for ‘a lap’ to clear his mind, she said this:

(contraction in which he didn’t get to the door yet)
“Come Back!!!”
(he starts massaging her)
“Stop it. Go away!”
(he smiles at me and starts to leave, she then finishes the contraction)
“Don’t leave, stay!”
(at this point dad pipes up)
“How about I stay between here and there, just in case?”

Thank you moms, for giving me such a wealth of laughter and insight. You continue to be my muse and motivation – one birth at a time!


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Digital Playground

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Digital Playground

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Prepping for Your Home Birth Without Fear {The Ultimate List}

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One of the most common questions about homebirth from those considering it is, “What do you need?” While the list of supplies varies from midwife to midwife, there are some basic things that almost everyone is going to need to gather in preparation for the birth. There will also be things you will (probably) want to do for your comfort and peace of mind before “go time”. This is meant to be an Ultimate (I hope I thought of everything) List, but please don’t stress yourself to cover all the little extras. Birth really is pretty basic. This list is long and detailed so that you have a chance to consider everything you might want to do, not everything you have to do.

Early Prep

While not everyone plans a homebirth from the start, many women do. If you can get a head start on a few things it makes the final months much more peaceful. After you have lined up your midwife, get a head start on your prep.

One of the first things you can do is to create a peaceful space. (Right about now mothers of small children are laughing). If you know which room/area you plan to use then work in the early months to slowly declutter and create your space. Your nesting urge will come in handy with this as well.

If you have older children, you will want to decide if you want them at the birth or not. If you do there are things you can do to prep your child for the birth. Some things will depend on their age – for instance a one year old won’t need the same prep as a 5 year old. Older children may be interested in the mechanics of birth and understand more. You know your children best. Birth can be a beautiful family event if you decide to have your children there. And if you don’t think you want them there – no guilt! Everyone labors differently.

For younger children helpful prep includes books, videos, and role playing. There are a few children’s books out there that discuss homebirth, one of my favorites is called Hello Baby by Jenni Overend. It is beautifully illustrated and is great for little ones. Birth videos are also great for prepping kids. I previewed many, many homebirth videos on youtube and created a little playlist of those I thought my son could see. I included water births, “land” births, quiet moms, loud moms, and especially videos that included the whole family.

Speaking of “loud” moms – this is where the role playing comes in. While I was a very quiet laborer with my first born, I wasn’t sure if I would be again. We never know how labor will go (and I wasn’t quiet the second time, by the way). So we discussed as we watched the videos that mommy may “Roar”. I talked about roaring like a dinosaur or a lion. We had a lot of fun roaring at each other and I explained that if mommy roars it is okay – I am not hurting and it just means the baby is coming soon. Apparently this worked really well since my two year old was not phased at all by my roaring at the birth – and I was loud!

Another opportunity for prep and role play with little ones can include your midwife visits. Many homebirth midwives do home visits for prenatals or have offices that are child friendly. I made my son a little midwife kit of his own, including a little plush placenta I whipped up with some felt. During my appointments in our home he “helped” my midwife and we talked about the baby. All of this helps children feel included in this life changing event.

plush placenta

Now whether you decide to have your children at the birth or not, I highly suggest lining up a support person for them. If they are going to be taken somewhere else for the birth be sure they are comfortable at the location and with the support person. Also try to pick someone with a flexible schedule who can be “on call” for the birth.

If they are going to be staying with you for the birth then you need to pick a special person. You need to pick a person who is there just for the child/children. This means that if they need to leave the house or room and miss the birth, they will be 100% okay with that. I would suggest clearing this specifically with them, since in some cases support people at home births might be signing up in the hopes of being a spectator. This isn’t the point of a support person for the older child. Be sure to acclimate them to your routines and places they can go with your kids. Discuss car seats if they need to drive the children anywhere. While this may seem over-kill it will give peace of mind in the last weeks and while in labor. It also clears up your support team to work just for you during the birth and not have to split their attention.

You will also want to consider if you want a doula for your home birth. Be sure to set up an interview and get someone who you feel is comfortable in your home and is preferably experienced or knowledgeable about home birth. Another part of your team to consider is a birth photographer. Again, interview them and be sure they make you feel comfortable. It also helps if they understand home birth or have shot one before, since they have different highlights and flow than a hospital birth.

Almost to the Finish Line!

Once you hit about 32 weeks, order your birth kit. This may seem a bit early, but some companies take a few weeks to ship. Or, if you are lucky like me, it will get lost in the mail because apparently your house is invisible to UPS. This also gives time to clear up any issues if the order is wrong or missing something. You don’t want to be stressed at the last minute!

There are many places to order birth kits and your midwife may have a custom kit set up with a particular company. You can also order kits of your own making or a basic kit from places such a In His Hands or Baby, Birth and Beyond. *

Basic Supplies Include:

  • Various sizes of chux pads (absorbent pads with a water proof bottom)
  • Cord Clamp
  • Gloves, sterile (your midwife may carry her own)
  • Hibiclens
  • Bulb syringe
  • Lube Jelly
  • Peri bottle
  • Povidone
  • Pads for postpartum
  • Gauze pads

Now that is just a starter list, and as I mentioned above some midwives will want more or less or different items. Some additional items might be an herbal after bath, different herbal items (for cord care or afterpains), depends type underwear, and a “birth certificate” and foot printing kit. You can also take off items from a premade kit on most sites, and substitute in your own items. For instance you may get your own postpartum pads and “depends” (hey, those are handy the first day or so!). The one thing I suggest not skimping on is the chux pads. Most births require a good amount of them, and they are handy after birth too. I tend to use them for a couple months under my sheets to protect the mattress from breastmilk leaks in the night.

Once you have ordered your birth kit it gets exciting! You have all these cool things ready to go, so what do you do with them until the big day? Enter the plastic tote.


I love “totes”. Really – my house is full of these lovely plastic boxes. It makes everything look organized, even if you really just threw stuff in there eight years ago when company was coming over. But I digress. Plastic totes are perfect for organizing your birth supplies. The above picture is actually my birth supplies from my second birth. The top tote has all the little stuff. Here was my personal list:

  • Everything from the basic list above, plus a few additional items from my midwife’s list
  • Several hair ties (in a small plastic baggie, taped to the inside of the box)
  • Chapstick (in the small plastic baggie as well)
  • A roll of paper towels
  • My heating pads, both the plug-in version and my rice heat pack
  • A bath robe

The bottom tote has all the linens I would need. For the bed I had a fitted sheet and flat sheet, a plastic bed protector (I actually scored that at the dollar store), and a really old holey fitted sheet. I gathered four or five old towels I didn’t mind getting dirty or stained (none of them ended up stained) as well as several wash cloths. I also threw in a few pairs of underwear and a pair of socks. This box wasn’t so much about needing things set aside for me, it was more about having it set aside for my birth team. This way I could just say “check the tote” instead of explaining where my sock drawer was.

A note about the bed, and more experienced homebirth moms will know this already – prepare the bed whether you want to birth there or not. Labor is a funny thing and may not go the way you planned (as I found out myself!). The most convenient way to prepare the bed in my opinion is to make what I think of as a bed sandwich. When you go into labor, have your partner strip the bed. Then put on a fitted sheet and flat sheet that are clean and nice. Over this, put the plastic mattress protector (or large plastic shower curtain liner). Then over this put the crappy/holey/old fitted sheet you don’t mind messing up.

If you birth on the bed or get anything on it, you simply strip off the old sheet and protector and VOILA you have a clean and ready made bed underneath! It may sound odd but this was one of the best things after the birth was over. I ran to shower off and when I came back the bed was totally ready with minimal effort for my birth team.

Another great place to store your birth supplies for easy access is the pack-n-play or crib:

tamara birth supplies

Okay – so that is your supplies covered! That was easy.

The Last Weeks

Now there are just a few additional things you may want to do. One is a list. This list will be for your main birth partner. On this list include the steps you want them to take once labor starts. For me and my husband the list looked went something like this:

  • Call midwife (include number)
  • Call photographer (include number)
  • Call child care to give a “heads up” (include number)
  • Make bed
  • Empty washing machine
  • Hook up hose attachment for filling the birth tub, start to fill tub if in established labor

This list meant that I could concentrate on labor and not have to direct anything. I could get in “the zone”. I included the numbers on the paper just in case he couldn’t find them in my phone or his or if someone else was there doing the list instead. I didn’t include “call family” since we agreed we would not call family until the midwife had arrived and I gave the go-ahead. This was a lesson learned in our first birth that sometimes alerting family at the start of labor isn’t always the most peaceful thing to do if labor is long.

If you have a support person for your child, create a little cheat list for them of your child’s routine and favorite foods if they are not familiar with all of that. While the lists might seem over-kill, trust me that the less questions directed at you in labor the happier you will be. It also helps you avoid the little mini-panic that tends to happen in the last weeks when you realize that life is about change in a big way and you want to scream “I have no control” – yes, most pregnant mamas have been right there with you!

The next thing you will most likely want to do is a trial run on your birth tub, if you are using one. My friend and I both were very glad we did a dry run. For myself, we found out the tub had a slow leak and we created a plan for dealing with it. For my friend, she found this:

tamara tub hole

Yes – that is a giant hole. Apparently the plastic of the tub got brittle from the cold of the trunk it was stored in and it cracked. Since she looked at the tub around 36 weeks she had time to get a new tub from her midwife and do a dry run with that tub. Imagine if she had not inspected the tub until she was in labor! Doing a dry run also lets you see where you want to set it up and make space. Keep in mind you want room around the tub for your team to work and have access to you. Also figure out how you are going to fill the tub and think about how much hot water you will need. Some sinks may need an attachment to put a hose on it or may not have good water pressure. You can also fill your tub from the hot water heater or shower. If you are using your own built-in tub in your home, put some nesting skills to use and give it a good scrub down or have your partner do it (I vote for the partner).

tamara tub test

Another thing you may like to work on is affirmation cards. This would be a good activity for a quiet evening before baby comes or even as part of a baby shower or mother blessing. You can hang the cards around your birth space and even put some around the house where you will see them in the coming days (like on your bathroom mirror).

affirmation cards
tamara birth affirmations

One of the final things you might want to do is be sure a space is clear for your midwife. Most midwives like to lay out their supplies if they have time before the birth is imminent. This can simply be a good patch of clean counter top or space on a bed in the birth area. If your kitchen looks like mine, a clear bit of counter space may mean moving your stand mixer under the cabinet or storing the blender or clearing the kitchen table (mine always ends up as a catch all). If you don’t have time to do this (or birth catches you by surprise) don’t worry, your midwife will find a good spot. Again, remember this is the Ultimate List – not the “stress about everything” list!

krystal midwife prep

You can also take a moment to set up all your postpartum supplies in the bathroom and by your bed. Myself and another friend I know created a breastfeeding station – nursing pads, nipple butter/lanolin, a good book, children’s books and small goodies (for the older child), and a nice water bottle. Some postpartum supplies you might like are a peri-bottle, pads in easy reach, herbal preparations (like those sold by Earth Mama Angel Baby), and over the counter pain medications for after pains (or herbal preparations). Always discuss medications or herbal options with your care provider.

krystal postpartum supplies

A small note about the cleaning that needs to be done. One midwife described it to me this way: “Clean like your Mother-in-Law is coming for a visit.” Basically, clean like you are having an overnight guest and then just take some extra care in a couple key places – your birth space and the tub/shower you may want to use. There is no need to over sanitize and totally tear apart your home in preparation for a home birth, just keep clean and neat. A great investment if you have it in the budget (or have an amazing friend) is to have someone come in and do a nice deep clean around 36 or 37 weeks.

Now you have all the preparation done. You have a peaceful birth space; you have your tub ready to blow up and know how you are going to fill it. You have your support team ready and affirmation cards made. Now you can relax and focus on that moment. That sweet, sweet moment when you hold your baby for the first time. Birth Blessings mamas! Did you do anything else to prep for your home birth? Let us know in the comments!

krystal home birth

*Please note Birth Without Fear does not have an affiliation with any birth supply companies and these are only suggestions.

**Last three photos credited to Aperture Grrl Photography.

Did you do anything else to prep for your home birth? Let us know in the comments!


Motivational Monday

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Ivy is 10 months old!

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Ivy turned 9 months on Christmas, and that seems like just last week! Wow. Ever since we came home at the end of that terrible cold spell affecting much of the US and Canada, I’ve been preoccupied keeping our house and our rental properties warm and dry. We’ve had several frozen and burst water pipes, despite taking every precaution to prevent them. I’ve had to call our HVAC guy close to 10 times for various things. We’ve been outside multiple times in below zero (-20 C and colder) weather thawing frozen air intake pipes to our boiler. I am so ready for this cold weather to end!!! We have another cold wave hitting tonight through Wednesday.

Ivy got her first hairdo today…the kids were so excited. Dio proudly wore a matching topknot to church until the elastic fell out.

New developments this month:

  • Clapping her hands
  • Making fish lips
  • Mimicking everything we do
  • Learning to laugh when she’s being tickled, rather than just squirm and grunt
  • Clicking her tongue
  • Blowing raspberries on my chest or belly…she loves to do this when she’s done nursing
  • Sitting on her knees (well, she’s been doing this for about 2 months now). She still doesn’t ever sit down on her bottom. 
  • 2 bottom teeth! We had a rough time with the second tooth. She had a fever for 5 days. The tooth came through after the first night, but she still slept horribly all 5 nights. I had to keep her in bed with me in order for us to get any sleep…and now she’s cosleeping much of the night. I never, ever thought she’d be back in bed with us. But I’m being pretty Zen about it. I love cuddling with her–even though half the time it’s more like pinning her down so she’ll stop wiggling or crawling in her sleep–and I know this time will pass too quickly.On the up side, this past week she’s slept nice long stretches at first, from 7 pm – 2 or 3 am. Then she’s up quite frequently and mostly in bed with me. 

Ivy is a little jokester. She loves to be in on the action when her siblings are laughing about something. She’ll join in and do something funny to get them to laugh at her.

She loves to be with her papa. More than me, often. If I’m holding her and he leaves the room, she cries and throws herself towards him.

She spends hours pulling books off the bookshelf and then reading them.

And I love this picture of Inga.

My Twins a Birth and Post Partum Story {Birth Without Fear}

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My name is Kayla, I’m 22 and these are my twin boys, Braxtyn and Blaize.

twin baby bump

I found out at 8 weeks I was pregnant with twins, which I was overjoyed about as I’d always wanted twins! I had some spotting at around 16 weeks, but ultrasounds and blood tests showed up all normal, and we found out we were having two precious little boys!

At 27 weeks I was put in the hospital for 3 days because they were concerned that Twin B wasn’t growing as he should have been, after further testing and steroid shots everything turned out to be completely normal. From then on I had a scan every week just to make sure they were both growing and getting enough through there umbilical cords.

On the 8th May 2012, at 37+3, I was induced and by 2:30 both of my boys had been born! Blaize (Twin B) had to be resuscitated as soon as he was born, I got a quick kiss and he was whisked off to the special care nursery. As it turned out he had swallowed some fluid on his entrance into the world. After 3 days Braxtyn (Twin A) and I were allowed to go home, but Blaize had slowly become worse and was on CPAP machine.

twin babies

The day Braxtyn and Blaize made their entrance into the world! Weighed 6lb 3oz (Braxtyn) and 6lb 1oz (Blaize)

We lived 30mins away from the hospital, and I didn’t have my license and my partner worked, so we went in every night and visited Blaize. I also took breast milk I was pumping for him. After 10 long days he was finally able to come home and make our family completed!

Then when the boys were 8 weeks old they were hospitalised with RSV bronchiolitis. Braxtyn was much worse and was put straight onto a CPAP machine and drips; they said he almost had blood poisoning as well. Blaize wasn’t so bad and was put on a drip just in case.

I went outside to let family members know what was happening, and as I walked back in I saw about 20 doctors all around Braxtyn’s bed. He had all sorts of monitors hooked up to his chest. As I had gone outside, his heart rate had jumped up to over 200 bpm.

They thought it may have been a one off but he was still very sick so he was under 24/7 care, and had a nurse with him every second of the day.

Blaize and I stayed the night, and woke up to doctors rushing around. Braxtyn had had another episode with his heart, and it was decided he would be taken straight to another hospital over an hour away! So Blaize stayed with my Mum, my partner and I went to the hospital to stay with Braxtyn. He was diagnosed with SVT after the first day and was put on medication, which once it had kicked in, he was fine!

Meanwhile Blaize was put back into the hospital on a drip and oxygen as he had gotten worse as his brother was getting better. Finally after around 2 weeks we were all home again!

The boys are now 15 months old, happy and healthy! Braxtyn was on heart medication until he was 12 months old; he’s now off it and doing great, although he will always have the heart condition. Blaize has gotten RSV back since but luckily never needed to be hospitalised again!

Braxtyn and Blaize have very different personalities! Braxtyn is very full on, always has energy, gets into everything, climbs on everything and always has to have all the attention. Whereas Blaize is so relaxed and always off doing his own thing.


{Braxtyn and Blaize at 6 months old}

I’m still Breastfeeding both my boys, although when they were both in the hospital I practically lost all my supply, but I overcame that and am still going strong!


{All three of our beautiful boys now. Braxtyn, Kingston and Blaize.}

Having twins definitely isn’t easy, but I would not change Braxtyn and Blaize, or their older brother, Kingston, for the world!


Wicked Pictures

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$17.95 for a 30 day membership vs $29.99
$9.15 a month (or 109.88 annually)

Wicked Pictures Discount – Wicked Pictures was founded in 1993 in California. They are strictly a heterosexual site (similar to this review site), and they were really ahead of the California condom law (Measure B) that mandates that all male actors must wear a condom during filming. Wicked Pictures mandated the use of condoms for their male actors back in 2004, a full eight years before the law was passed.

I wonder if sales for Wicked Pictures is lower than some of the larger porn production companies on the internet. After California passed the condom law the number of permits issued to film a porn movie have dropped about 95% since the law was passed. As it turns out, many production companies are moving to Las Vegas. I, for one, am not a big fan of condoms in porn. Does it really protect the actors? As I said, Wicked Pictures has been using condoms since 2004, and they shut-down production in 2010 because one of their actors tested positive for HIV.

Over the years, Wicked Pictures has won or was nominated for well over 100 AVN awards. They have great productions, and they are known for parodies, such as Elvis a Porn Parody and Batman XXX. They’ve been around for such a long time that they currently have 11,652 scenes at your disposal (newer scenes are shot in HD). With over 6,000 models you’re going to get a whole bunch of porn to view – more than you’ll know what to do with. You’ll have access to their older films that have their well-known former contract girls, such as Jenna Jameson and Chasey Lain, to their newest contract girl, Samantha Saint (she’s really dirty).

Wicked Pictures really offers a lot of product at a great price; however, I have some issues with their photo sets. For example, an individual scene at Wicked Pictures will give you about 90 pictures to view/download; whereas, Brazzers will give you hundreds of photos to view/download per scene.

Wicked Pictures

Wicked Pictures gets really high marks for originality and content, but their interface isn’t as user-friendly as some of the other mega sites out there. You’ll eventually be able to find what you’re looking for, but the interface is lacking that chrome that other sites offer.

All in all you can’t go wrong with a membership to Wicked Pictures. Heck, you can purchase an annual membership, and get access for as little as $9.15 a month, and I’m sure you won’t be able view all the porn that they offer you over the next 365 days.

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We Live Together

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$17.95 for a 30 day membership vs. $39.95
$7.95 a month (or $95.40)

We Live Together Discount – This is what they mean when they say Heaven is a place on Earth. Yes, I am a huge fan of lesbian porn, but I’ve seen plenty of lesbian sites done wrong. If you like lesbian porn, you’re going to agree with me that this is probably the best lesbian site on the planet. I would be shocked to find out that the director(s) of this site is not a guy. The close-ups, the positions, and the angles are everything I could want from a site like this. The models are hot, and they’re really into each and every scene. If you like a little anal play with your lesbian fetish, you’re in luck – they’ve got that, too.

We Live Together

So what is included with this site? This is one of the 37 Reality Kings sites that is included with your network membership. You will be getting over 530 (older ones are not shot in HD) scenes dating back to 2003. In addition, you’ll be getting access to thousands of photos from all of their scenes that are easy to access, or download via a zip file. Since this is a Reality Kings produced site, you’ll have fantastic interface and downloading capability. I think the best feature with their interface is the ability to visually scroll (quickly) through one minute clips. That way you can just fast forward to the part of the scene that catches your eye.

As you can tell, I’m a huge fan of this site. I feel that We Live Together is good enough to be a stand-alone site. I’d gladly pay just to have a membership to this site alone; however, we are fortunate to be given access to all of their sites for the low discounted price that you’ll find here.

To get access to this site, you can click the button below to purchase your membership and use our Reality Kings discount. If you’re into good, licking, probing lesbian porn as much as I am, I’m sure you’ll love this site as much as I do.

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