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Biologists’ Mother’s Day Song

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Clearly we need more research on milk because this dude almost exclusively talks about the placenta. But its still amazing anyway. Enjoy!


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Day One


And here’s our birth story.

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This is the doctor I want to be!!!

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I’ve been working long hours talking to the corporate lawyer, accountant, banker, advisors (both formal and informal) to branch out on my own…. Punger Family Medicine LLC.

Tonight I accidentally ran into the group of Independent Physicians Association. Like the door was waiting for me to walk in!

I came home and my husband asked, “Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about any of that administrative stuff and just sell the practice to HCA or Wellcare (or MM or Peds Assoc.. etc…)?”


It would NOT be nice. That’s not who I want to be. I do not want to be told what I can and can not do.

I want to be the doctor who comes home to this (this was all yesterday) without restriction to practice what I believe:

“I love love LOVE our new pediatrician!!! She is an hour away, but Dr Punger is SOOOO worth the drive!!! We had an awesome visit with her this morning with well-visits for all 4 kids. Maggie has already gained 13 ounces! WOOO HOOOO!!!”

Just picked up, “Permission to Mother” by Dr. Denise Punger at the library!  I just read the first page….I still have forcep marks on my cheeks. Can’t wait to read more!”  

“I wanted to thank you so much for fixing our little tongue issue! I came into your office after a harrying visit to a pediatric surgeon and a husband with a million questions.  You didn’t back down and you helped us get things on track. Caden is now over 15LBS and 25” fully aware and I think a very pleasant little man. Thank you for helping us get the job done.”

This is the doctor I want to be! Thank you for choosing my practice.

(It makes all the professional advisory meetings worth it!)

Permission to Mother now available on Kindle!

Report Nursing in Public Incidents

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Best for Babes has a hotline now open to report incidents about harassment of moms nursing in public: 855-NIP-FREE (1-855-647-3733)