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Largest study to date on home birth

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A very exciting new study was released last week in the Netherlands proving once again that ‘planning a home birth does not increase the risks of perinatal mortality and severe perinatal morbidity among low-risk women…’.   Because the study included over 500,000 women, the findings will satisfy the argument that home birth safety can’t be proven because the prior studies have all been too small.  The entire study can be found at the following link:

There is a lot to be learned from the Dutch maternity system and the American system would likely have to be tweaked to accomodate the difference in American geography and culture.  The Dutch maternity system is completely integrated with the midwives providing primary care  and seamlessly working with doctors who provide the secondary care for higher risk situations.  In America, the home birth care providers are still very much separated from the hospital providers and because of our private/’for profit’ medical system the two are direct competitors instead of allied partners.  The UK is already looking at this study as more motivation to continue the NHS’ move to offering more home births, let’s hope America someday follows suit.

Miracle Drug~ Just Listen to Bono Sing for a minute… (It’s the first song on my playlist for a reason! )

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Hello Dear One’s ~  In the Spirit of trying to get some needed rest, I came on here with the intention to write something…wonderful.  I wanted to write something that was heartening and spiritually uplifting as a way to work on my own healing while sharing something with all of you.  I knew that clever, cogent and timely was beyond me and as  I bumped around with this word and that phrase and tried not to allow discouragement to creep in, I realized that my mind is still too fatigued and flat-line to nimbly ride any words around.  At that precise moment,  I also really heard Bono’s voice and that beautiful lyric that means so much to me and I just stopped, took my arthritic achy fingers off the keys and let go~I let the words wash over me and I relaxed, and I breathed and all things were made new:

              I want to trip inside your head,
              spend the day there,
              To hear the things you haven’t said,
             See what you might see,
              I want to hear you when you call,
             Do you feel anything at all,
             Want to see your thoughts take shape
             and walk right out…

             Freedom has a scent,
               like the top of a newborn baby’s head,
             The songs are in your eyes,
               I see them when you smile,
             I’ve seen enough,
              I’m not giving up, on a Miracle Drug….

Just sit and listen to the song; back it up if you need to.  I’ve written a lot here about moments of wholeness, and about finding that “sacred ground of being” within something, or someone, that brings us back to center and allows us the simplest, most profound sense of being love in the world.  There is, for each of us, something that helps us to remember who we are in God; who we are at the level of “true self”–transparent, authentic and responding to the world from that place.  This song, for me, is just that.  It’s a point of spiritual departure, a wayside where I can stop and breathe and say “yes..this is it, this is how I see.”  This is what exists in my heart when I am sitting on my beloved beach up north, watching the water and reading poems and writing my heart out while drinking coffee and taking it all in!  My holiest ( wholest ) moments happen then; I am who I am and I don’t need to do or be anything more than that.  We all have these little glimpses of what an old hippie friend of mine would have called “Human Be-ings”.  I am just a human be-ing sitting in the sand, scribbling away and trying to capture something of it while trying not to spoil the homely, quotidian perfection of it by noticing it too hard!  I try to let the whole full picnic-basket of life just sit there with me; keeping me company on the beach…  
 I believe in a ‘Miracle Drug’ of human heart to human heart that makes all things new.  I believe that when we offer ourselves to another, to listen to their precious stories, to “trip inside your head” and see what they might see…I think that connection heals people.  I think it can heal the world and that’s what I’m aiming for, nothing less than healing the world, or at least the part God gives me to care for.  So, listen to the music, take it in; enjoy!
I’m going to take a few days off to rest and regroup.  Have a lovely week!
Traveling Mercies~
Your Kneelingwoman 


The Original Birth Attendants

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I’ve often heard midwives say that midwives were the original birth attendants or that midwifery is the world’s oldest profession (or second oldest profession, as the case may be). Some also claim that we know midwifery is “natural” because even animals have “midwives.” And while I certainly give midwives credit for helping women give birth [...]

An Unconvention and a new book about unassisted childbirth

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I’m excited to announce that plans are in the works for an “UnConvention”! Featured speakers will include yours truly speaking about unassisted homebirth, Lee Stranahan speaking about unjobbing (earning a living without a job), and Sandra Dodd speaking about unschooling. Lee and Lauren Stranahan, the primary organizers, have put up a website and created an [...]