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If we attended your birth, we would be extremely grateful if you would submit your own testimonial.

"I was just at the New Moms' Tea at the BirthPlace today and was thinking of what a positive birth experience I had. It really sinks in more and more as time goes on how lucky I was to have the positive energy that you and the midwives provided me to help me through the birth. I couldn?t have asked for a more perfect birth. In my [other] new moms group there are about 15 women and one day there were ten of us in the room and when asked about their birth experiences it turns out 8 of them had had c-sections. I felt very lucky indeed to have been able to give birth without surgical intervention with so much support and care." -Michelle, a first-time Mom from Newton

Note from Kelley: I put this testimonial on top because it really speaks to the epidemic that we have in America right now. Women are disempowered and are having surgical births in alarming numbers. We deserve better than that. We deserve to feel strength and trust in our bodies and we deserve to feel heard and in control.

"Tammy helped us have exactly the birth we wanted--relaxed, informed, and full of joy. From the moment we first met her she impressed us with her knowledge and her easy way of listening and sharing. Even our Jack Russell terrier loved her right away because of her non-threatening, friendly manner.

When people remark on how incredibly happy our baby is, I often tell them that part of his smiling disposition is due to the calm, welcoming environment he entered first in the world. Tammy helped create the peace and joy we all shared that morning. We will always be grateful to her and look forward to another birth with Tammy. Anyone who wishes to email me with questions should feel free. (One more note for moms--Tammy was ALWAYS there for me --and still is!--by phone and email for every question or concern I had--she made me feel important, heard and cared for. If she doesn't know the answer to your question she uses her network of doulas and midwives to learn it.)" -Maite, a first-time Mom from Norfolk

"This year has been a big one for my family. A new job, new home in a new state and a new baby. Of course, we have no family here in Ma, so I was destined to find help after the birth of my third son. I contacted Birthing Life and found Tammy. Tammy was just what we all needed. Tammy loves what she does and it shows. She really made a difference in our transition to three children. She had a nack for knowing just what we needed and when, whether it was to clean my kitchen, bake with my children or care for the baby while I took a nap. She was the warm friendly voice of reason. A "calm" always came over the house when Tammy arrived. I got needed sleep, advice and help around the house. This is not just a job for Tammy. It is personal. She treated us as an extention of her family. She was terrific to all five of us! We will remain friends for certain! Thank you, Tammy Paul!" -Cindy, a first-time Mom from Norfolk

"All of my friends talk about their births like they were the most excruitating experience of their lives. I want to tell them how great mine was, but I feel like I might hurt their feelings. I just wish that everyone knew that birth didn't have to be full of great pain. For me, it was the single most exhilerating day of my life and I don't have the words to thank you for showing me that there was a better way. I am looking forward to giving birth again and Ferdinand and I will ask you to be there every time, just so we will be able to relax knowing that someone is always there to support for us in doing things our own way." -Maura, a first-time Mom from Brookline

"After experiencing a difficult labor and delivery with my first child, my husband and I knew we wanted the birth of our second child to be different. Hiring Tammy Paul to serve as our birth doula was the best choice we ever made. I count the eleven hours of labor with my daughter to be some of the most beautiful, calming and wondrous moments of my life.

Tammy's presence alleviated our fears associated with medical interventions and her knowledge of current birthing techniques allowed us to make informed decisions about my care as well as my daughters. Some people may fear that a birth doula will take away some of the traditional "coach" responsibilities of the husband but it's just the opposite. Tammy allowed us to truly concentrate on birth of our daughter by creating an atmosphere that was calm and comfortable. Because of her, we were able to deeply appreciate the miracle of childbirth." -Heather, a second-time mom from Bellingham

"You were an amazing doula to me and there is simply no way I could have done it without your support and encouragement. Thank you so much. It was a long and very challenging experience for me, but I feel so physically and emotionally whole, and every time I look at Morgan I am so glad to have birthed her without any drugs." - Ali- a first-time mom from Boston

"I finally got it down, Kelley! It took three times to figure out how to let my body do what it needed to, but it finally happened. I think I am still in shock! Jamie's birth has completely changed my life. I had never realized how much my last two births were impacting my attitude and it is hard to even admit that, but I really felt so diappointed in myself. I just needed to feel like my body was really capable of giving birth. This will be our last baby, but I almost wish that I could relive it all over again a fourth time. If I can talk Bill into one more, then you'll be hearing from us again! I will be giving your name out to everyone we know!" -Nancy, a third-time VBAC Mom from Milford

"Thank you for reminding me of my strength. Thank you for keeping me empowered. Thank you for keeping me focused on my baby. I could have done this without you, but I'm glad that I didn't have to. You are on my call list for Baby#2." -Michelle, a first-time Mom from Southboro

"As evident in childbirth, women are strong, viable and amazing species and if I had to name any inherit weakness on our behalf, it would be our reluctance to seek support when we need it most. With a toddler already at home and extended family members unable to help, my husband and I made the wise choice to hire Tammy Paul to serve as a our Postpartum doula after the birth of our second child.

Three times a week, Tammy, a woman with boundless energy and an endless love for the work she does, would arrive on my doorstep to cook dinner, throw a load of laundry in, play with my two-year old son and vacuum the entire house. She was like a burst of sunshine every time she arrived. A mom herself, its obvious, how much she loves children and admires mothers.

I would recommend Tammy to any woman who seeks to have an amazing postpartum period- a time when she doesn't have to worry about everyday chores and tasks but a time when she can concentrate on loving and bonding with her new child." -Heather- a second-time mom from Bellingham

"Kelley, you were terrific! As you know, I was feeling so nervous in the weeks before I met you, but you put my mind at ease. I wasn't even orignally planning a natural birth, but it was far better than I'd imagined it to be. Jason and I always felt that we could be calm and relaxed when you told us things were "just as they should be" and I can't imagine what our experience might of been had we not met you. Everything you told us to expect proved to be true and you were even right when you said that we might come out of this feeling that we didn't need to be in the hospital because I absolutely feel like we would have been perfectly fine at home. Now I know and when we are ready to make Amanda a big sister, you'll be the first person we call." -Elizabeth, a first-time Mom from Framingham

"Audrey's birth was so amazing and a large part of that was your presence - we were SO lucky to have you there. It is incredible how one little being can spread so much love - every day she gets better and better! Thank you a million times for helping bring her here!" -Lila, a first-time Mom from Medford

"Pregnancy can be excruciatingly scary for a first time expectant mother. The stories that even the most well-meaning friends can tell you can terrify even the most stoic of women. To be alone in a new area with few supports makes matters all the worse. The suggestion for a doula was foreign to me, but within one phone call I was sure Tammy would help ease the enormous fears of delivery.

Tammy was recommended within one month of my due date. She went above and beyond the role of doula care - first and most importantly she listened to me and my littany of concerns! Most traditional care of nurse practioners, obstetricans, etc. merely placated my concerns. Tammy helped calm my nerves, answer questions, research options, including changing birthing styles and locations all at the 11th hour.

I am indebted to her for assisting me through a very scary time, as this was my first pregnancy and in an unfamiliar area. She was calm, yet present for every change during labor. She was not overbearing with suggestions, but quietly eased the fears. I was able to labor almost entirely at home, arriving at the hospital when it was nearly time to deliver.

I would highly recommend her with anyone looking for support for the birth of their child."

-Mary, a first-time Mom from Worcester

"Kelley, I don't have words to praise what you did for me, my partner, and our baby in the most cherished moment of our life and I can't thank you enough for it. I'm just writing a little so others can know what a priceless service you provided. Before meeting you, my idea of a doula was a stranger that will be with you in the labor room helping you with breathing but I was wrong. In fact, you were the one who made the difference in our birthing experience... You are truly a gem and priceless and please have enough time for being with me in my next pregnancy which I look forward to somewhere in near future. You are the nicest person I have ever known." -Ayesha, a first-time Mom from Clinton

"Thank you for the class memory. Matt and I were both very impressed with you and your class. I walked away feeling I have learned a great deal and I am in a better place having experienced your class. You have discovered your calling, you're lucky and YOU'RE GREAT AT IT!!" -Trilby, a first-time HypnoBirthing Mom from Millis

"Thanks again - for attending our birth and supporting us throughout the whole thing. The birth was not completely what I expected it to be - But, overall I was extremely pleased with what all happened. Although it was tough at some points, looking back, I don't think it could have been better. I was thrilled at how the recovery is fast compared to my C-section." -Mitsuko, a second-time VBAC Mom from Cambridge

"I can't believe that I did this! Me! These two beautiful creatures came from my body and I am truly amazed. Dan keeps raving about thier birth and we can't imagine doing this again without you. I just want to relive their birth forever. Everyone must be sick of hearing me talk about it, but I just can't stop. You encouragement and Dan by my side was all that I needed!" -Tracey, a Mom of twins from Waltham

If we attended your birth, we would be extremely grateful if you would submit your own testimonial.
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