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"Khadijah attended both of daughters' homebirths, as my midwife. She was the sole attendant, aside from my husband. Her calm, optimistic spirit is what I will always remember, both during the births and during the pregnancies. Even though she has such a calm presence, she is all business when it comes to safety, both before, during and after the birth. I really needed to know that the person attending my births was competent. That, to me, was the most important thing. Never once did I doubt in Khadijah's abilities to handle anything. I truly believe she is one of the wisest people I know. Her knowledge is so vast that it sometimes astounds me. Despite this, I never ever felt judged by her when I chose to have diagnostic testing that I'm sure she would not have chosen for herself. In fact, she went to great lengths to help me obtain the tests that I wanted. This is precisely why I value her so much. She lets you travel down your own path but she is there along the way to ensure that you are safe. Though there are no guarantees in life or in birth, I knew I was in the best hands possible." -Bonnie, two-time homebirther from Sharon

"I gave birth to my first son on Christmas morning in a hospital. Although I had him without pain medication, my experience left me feeling hollow. The nurses did not listen to me and acted as if they knew my body better than I did. I knew I wanted something different for my next baby. When I was about 20 weeks pregnant with my second child, I was still with the same group of midwives, planning on giving birth in a birthing center (as was my plan for my oldest). With the support of my doula/sister, I began researching homebirth. I found Khadijah and never looked back! I talked to her on the phone, then convinced my husband to meet with her in person to alleviate his concerns. After meeting Khadijah, I knew there was no other way I wanted to give birth. I needed to have a healing homebirth with Khadijah. I had a beautiful water birth in my home, delivering my son into my own hands while Khadijah, her apprentice, Krystina, my two sisters, my husband, and my 2 year old son watched on. I felt so supported and powerful through my entire labor and birth, and I owe it all to Khadijah. When I was having trouble breastfeeding, Khadijah came right over and diagnosed my son with lip and tongue ties. When my pediatrician was not concerned about the ties, Khadijah found a specialist for me to bring my baby to, saving our breastfeeding relationship. My oldest son still asks to go see Khadijah and talks about the day I 'pushed baby Oliver out of Mama?s vagina'. We all love Khadijah as if she were a member of our family, and I would (and do!) recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants to have the birth of their dreams." -Elyse, second-time mom, had first homebirth in Attleboro

homebirth testimonial masssachusetts client "Khadijah has truly changed our lives in so many ways. We met her back in 2009 when we were 6 months pregnant with our first child. After spending many months we chose to go forward with a homebirth. Our first and only interview was with Khadijah. In our first meeting she confirmed our decision to birth at home. Her calming nature made us feel relaxed right away. When she left I told my husband we must have her as our midwife! It was one of the best decisions we have made. Both our families had concerns about our decision to birth at home, so Khadijah alleviated their fears by answering any and all questions. Our first birth was amazing. It was a gentle and loving experience and our little girl came into the world just as we wanted. Four years later Khadijah has become a friend to us and over the years has taught us many things about anything and everything holistic. We are currently preparing for our second homebirth. As a family we are very relaxed and excited about the birth of our second child. We are going into the birth without fear and with only love in our hearts because we know we will have Khadijah supporting us." -Heather, two-time homebirther from Millbury/Worcester

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"I have known Khadijah for the last 8+ years. I attended her HypnoBirthing classes and little did I know that she would later be the midwife for all four of my pregnancies. It is hard to really wrap the depth of our relationship into a brief testimonial, but in short, she has become far more than my midwife. She is more of a sister...part of our family, for sure. Khadijah attended all of my births alone, by my request. The memories are very dear to me...sitting on the bedroom floor in the middle of the night consoling my firstborn when he had colic and I needed support...lying in my bed late at night, quietly awaiting the arrival of my second son...then standing against my bed, Khadijah pressing my hips while I bellowed her name with my third...and with my fourth we were both pregnant together, due just a few weeks apart...my baby came first, though I was due after her. And still, she was there, receiving my baby from behind as I leaned over the edge of my bed. The whole experience from start to finish has been an amazing ride. Had I not met Khadijah, I may never have had a single homebirth, and now I can say that I have had four of the most amazing, gentle, and peaceful births of anyone I know. True blessings. Khadijah is quite simply a person who has profoundly impacted my life choices in such a wonderfully positive way, and I am forever grateful for her presence in my life. This month we learned that baby #5 is on the way and Khadijah was my very first call." -Kim, four-time homebirther from Blackstone

"My homebirth marks a pivotal point in my life, from which an amazing shift in the core of my being happened. I met Khadijah when I was 16 years old. I was considering a birth at the Cambridge Birth Center, but somehow I came across Khadijah's website and decided to inquire about homebirth. Never could I have imagine how much that single decision to birth at home would impact my life in positive ways. As an expectant teen, I had many concerns about how I would be treated during my pregnancy by my provider. I was young, but I was educated and I wanted to be sure I was respected and in charge of my own decision-making. From my first call with Khadijah, I knew 100% beyond a doubt that She was the provider for me. She not only has been an amazing and empowering resource on pregnancy and birth matters, but she continues to supply me with endless amounts of support and information regarding holistic health care, homeschooling, parenting matters, matters of faith, and more. I remind her constantly that I can not imagine what my life would be had I not met her...my eyes are forever opened to so many things.

As for my birth, in short, it was amazing...a waterbirth. I worked hard, and my daughter was born into my own arms. In addition to Khadijah and her wonderful assistant Za'Yn, my loving mother was there to support me and witness the gentle birth of her grand-daughter. It was everything I could have wanted it to be and more... blissful in so many ways.

Khadijah is someone I pray will always be in my life. Through many difficult moments in my life, she has been one of my first calls. When I met her she was still nearly a stranger, but she felt already like family, and she continues to be. If you are a person who likes to be healthy and live in a progressive, natural way, where you are informed but in charge of your own experience, then Khadijah is positively the midwife for you." -Aisha Kelsey, a first time mom from Bedford/Lowell

"I've been composing a letter in my head to you in the moments when I'm falling asleep and thinking about the experience of Zora's birth in a feeling way, in the dreaming way, remembering (or trying to) the sensations and shapes and colors of it. It's fading from me in that way it seems everyone talks about, and I have been writing about it, trying to capture it. It's elusive like a butterfly or something, and pops up at the edges of my mind. And in the memories, you feature so prominently - your even, incredibly calm and confident voice, your words of women and what we can do - that brought me out of just being me in my body and put me into history, and into the moment.

I want somehow in this letter to reanimate common phrases of gratitude and thanks. I want to say thank you in some way so you'll know the magnitude of the gift you gave me. Or, actually, since I think you do know already, I want to somehow show you that I KNOW, I feel, I absolutely experience the great blessing of the birth I was able to have. And I don't even mean the outcome of being able to push Zora out and feel it, although of course that is something I am proud of and deeply moved by. But I mean that in the darkest hour of meaninglessness and my own incomprehension of so much work and pain for what felt like nothing, how you came along with you wisdom and experience, and your marvelous children, and gave meaning to the whole thing, gave me HOPE, and really gave me FAITH. I know that's a tough word - at least for me - but I had such a deep experience of it - and in the most unexpected miraculous ways. IT was in what you knew, in the wisdom of thousands of years of women doing this for each other. I've always been a feminist, but this has made me have a kind of faith in women's knowing that I didn't know before.

So, for all this, I thank you. For coming to me the way you did, fast and generous. What we are paying you is hardly enough _ I don't know actually how much could be enough. If ever I had a rainy day that was blown away to reveal sun, this was one. I wish I could give back more, but what I give, I give back with love." -Becca, a first-time mom (with a long, but very perfect birth)

"I met Khadijah shortly after becoming pregnant with my third baby. she assisted me in trying to achieve my VBA2C with baby Aaneesa. Prior to that I had two other births but the experiences were totally different. When first meeting Khadijah she immediately helped me feel confident in my ability to birth. She supported me abundantly thorough out my pregnancy and stood by me my entire LONG labor:) having her there, I not only had a midwife, I also gained a loving friend and sister. She held close my personal wants and needs and will always be mentioned as an essential part of my story. If I ever have another pregnancy there is no doubt I would want her there. Much love to you Khadijah for the tremendous work you do for families. We love you dearly." - Jasmine, from Boston

"I originally planned on giving birth in a hospital. Never really thought twice until I was already pretty far along in my third trimester. I was interviewing Khadijah as a doula/monitrice, and when I met Khadijah and learned she delivered babies at home, I became fascinated! When I thought of giving birth in a hospital I felt nervous and anxious, but the thought of having this calm, baby passionate, and loving woman help deliver my baby in the comfort of my own home, I just knew it was the way to go. And was it ever!!! She has been my midwife at home through the deliveries of both my babies, and my experiences for both, unlike so any others I have talked with, were amazing!!!! The most empowering and incredible moments of my life. I was given the opportunity to experience birth that way it is intended and learn the power of my body and what it truly means to be woman. I am soooo grateful for this:) I have more confidence in Khadijah than I have ever have in any doctor I have met. Not to say that doctors can't be great, just haven't met any as great as her;)" - Dawn G, two time homebirther from Western MA, planning on more children

"I was nervous about home birth at first, but I met Khadijah and she introduced a concept to me that really has taken hold: that is is even more important to focus on what can go right in life, than it is to focus on what could go differently than we hope. Something can always happen differently than we hope or pray for, but when we allow the blessings to flow into our life by creating less resistance, we create the gateway for miraculous and beautiful things to happen. My first birth was full of trauma. I had a vaginal birth, but it was more like a "vaginal cesarean." Constant invasion of my body and my daughter suffered severe torticolis from being ripped forcefully from my body. I had a super birth plan and a doula there for my long labor, but there was zero respect for my wishes. The staff acted as if they owned my body. In contrast, my homebirths were entirely full of love and nurturing. It was so life-altering that I did it again with my third child and chose to have even more involvement in the process by receiving my baby into my hands alone while Khadijah stayed outside the bathroom door. I wouldn't change a thing. Amazing doesn't even begin to describe the magnitude of the shift that emerged in my life from those two experiences and I am deeply grateful for the inspiration." -Melissa, a two time homebirther, now living in NH

"My first and only labor thus far was very long and intense. I felt more than safe in Khadijah's wise hands. She was practical, natural, and deeply supportive in a way that made me feel stronger and calmer during my labor. She gave my partner and I the space we needed when we needed it and the help we needed when we needed that, too. We aren't planning any more children, but if we were to have another, I'd never want anyone else in the world as a midwife. She was utterly amazing." -Kristen, a first time mom

I interviewed five different homebirth midwives for my first birth. Khadijah (or Kelley, as I knew her then) was amazing from the moment I met her--my husband and I were impressed by her calming presence, her sense of humor, her vast knowledge and experience with birth. My parents, who were also present at my birth, met Kelley about in my seventh month and they were also in love with her. I had a ten-hour labor, with Kelley present and supporting me throughout, and it was an otherworldly experience. I was in such wonderful hands, and I never doubted Kelley at all. As soon as I got pregnant with my second baby, I immediately emailed Kelley, and she attended me throughout my second pregnancy, labor, and birth as well. My full birth story is here: http://robertandchristina.com/0808baby/0808baby21.html - Christina, from Boston

"Khadijah, I don't have words to praise what you did for me, my husband, and our baby in the most cherished moment of our life and I can't thank you enough for it. I'm just writing a little so others can know what a priceless service you provided. Before meeting you, I had no idea how strong I really was. In fact, you were the one who made the entire difference in our birthing experience... You are truly a gem and priceless and please have enough time for being with me in my next pregnancy which I look forward to somewhere in near future. You are the nicest person I have ever known." -Ayesha, a first-time Mom from Clinton

"I want to thank you so much for all the love and support you have given me through Ember's loss. I appreciate your caring for me as both my friend and midwife. All of the extra time you gave to me and the wonderful conversations meant so much to me. Thank you!" -Jen, a third time mom experiencing a planned late home miscarriage and remembrance ceremony

"Thank you for everything. Words can not express how thankful I am for you and your wonderful team. Tristan's birth was one of the most amazing moments in my life - it healed so many wounds from Olivier's birth and restored my faith not only in my own body, but in the birth process itself." Your kind words, support, and caring nature gave me the perfect experience. our whole family has adjusted so well to Tristan's arrival thanks to the calm and peaceful entrance he enjoyed. Plus it's so fun to listen to Olivier tell people he went to Target and came home to a baby brother! Thank you so much! -Amy, a second-time Mom from Waltham

"Thanks again - for attending our birth and supporting us throughout the whole thing. The birth was not completely what I expected it to be - But, overall I was extremely pleased with what all happened. Although it was tough at some points, looking back, I don't think it could have been any better. I was thrilled at how the recovery is fast compared to my C-section."" -Mitsuko, a second-time VBAC Mom from Cambridge

homebirth twins "I can't believe that I did this! Me! These two beautiful creatures came from my body and I am truly amazed. Dan keeps raving about their birth and we can't imagine doing this again without you. I just want to relive their birth forever. Everyone must be sick of hearing me talk about it, but I just can't stop. You encouragement and Dan by my side was all that I needed!" -Tracey, a Mom of twins from Waltham

I have had two home births (after two c-sections) and both home births were unassisted freebirths with Khadijah actually virtually assisting us via skype, as we lived overseas in an area where midwives were not allowed and hospital births required cesarean for VBACs. My doctor told me I would rip open if I dared to attempt a vaginal birth. Prior to meeting my doula and Khadijah, I had no idea that VBAC was even an option for me. I made the decision to go for it late in my third pregnancy (38 weeks!!!), and it changed my life dramatically in so many ways. Even though she was in another continent (!) she was accessible at any time, be it day or night. She was extrememly encouraging, but not at all dictating or overly directive. She was always there to answer all my queries and she somehow knew how to sooth all my anxieties! Since my doula missed the birth, it was pretty much just me and my husband, with Khadijah guiding our way through delivery. I felt I could do anything after conquering my fears around giving birth. Home births are truly empowering, completely natural and totally instinctive! Khadijah was amazing, totally supportive and the least controlling or over-intervening. I would totally recommend home births. And I would absolutely recommend Khadijah's midwifery services for any mother that wants a to feel respected and empowered in her birth. So mommas, be strong and take the leap of faith! all the best!" -Samreen, a FBA2C mom of four currently living in the Middle East

"I can never thank you enough for helping me achieve the amazing birth I wanted and needed to have. You've helped me to heal and to regain so much confidence. You have a gift for what you do! We Love you!" -Jean, a VBAC mom from Westport

"Had both my boys at home and it was the best decision ever. My first took very long and they would not have let me labor this long in the hospital without interfering. My midwife was amazing, and Khadijah assisted her in the second birth...it was wonderful having her there...she has a very strong, calm energy. I also know she learned from the best, and I will be forever grateful for safe and beautiful homebirths. That "baby" is turning 10 years old this summer. And one of the absolute BEST things about the home birth was having all my loved ones there, from my 2 teenage stepsons to my parents, to their aunt - big, happy birthing party!!!" -Mara, a two-time homebirther from Waltham