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Homebirth Midwife in Massachusetts

Homebirth Midwife Massachusetts Client Portal
Read About Why Many Choose Homebirth

Typical Homebirth Prenatal Care Includes:

    homebirth client MA
  • Complimentary midwife consultation & phone support
  • Warm, friendly, and compassionate communication
  • Nutritional consultation & ongoing diet assessment
  • Hour long midwife prenatal visits
  • Blood work and urinalysis & exam (as desired)
  • STI screening and pap smear offered
  • Gestational Diabetes Screening offered
  • GBS screening offered at week 36/37
  • Hemoglobin check in the third trimester offered
  • Holistic and allopathic recommendations for common pregnancy ailments
  • Regular monitoring of baby's heart rate and growth throughout pregnancy
  • Ongoing love and support from your midwife

Care During Labor and HomeBirth Includes:

    homebirth client MA
  • Midwife presence for active labor to regularly monitor mother's vital signs and baby's heart rate
  • Availability of resuscitation equipment and anti-hemorrhagic agents if necessary
  • Recommendations for natural comfort during homebirth
  • Ongoing communication and support with your midwife
  • Midwife stays until both mother and baby are completely stable and baby has breastfed successfully

Postpartum Care Includes:

    homebirth midwife MA
  • Midwife returns to family's home within 24 hours and again at 3 days and 2 weeks for
  • newborn and postpartum examinations
  • Lactation Counseling
  • Optional Massachusetts newborn screening (the government retains rights to all DNA samples indefinitely
  • Postpartum pap smear/HPV testing offered
  • Contraceptive counseling
  • Holistic and allopathic recommendations for: newborn jaundice, colic, skin rashes, nursing problems, etc
Please note: Not all services and homebirths are available in all areas at all times during the year. Please contact us to discuss availability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Homebirth

Is homebirth messy?

unassisted freebirth birthNope, your home will be kept neat and tidy to the best of our ability during your homebirth. It also isn't as loud as most people expect, so you can birth in spaces that are any size. We do many apartment births, tiny homes, and even hotel rooms on occasion. Noise and mess have never been an issue.

Can siblings be present?

We absolutely encourage that and they almost always are present during homebirth.

Will insurance cover the cost?

We do not currently accept any insurances for homebirth, though select carriers will reimburse all or part of the cost of homebirth. We are happy to supply you with a receipt for your payment.

How much does homebirth cost?

homebirth clientIf paid in full by your second prenatal appointment, the cost for homebirth is $3000, which is all inclusive with only two exceptions, those being the nominal birth kit and a birth tub set-up fee of $100. If making payments, the cost is $3800. Those receiving government assistance are eligible to make payments beyond the time of delivery.

What if something goes wrong?

We do our best to ensure the safety of both mother and baby to the best of our ability. Nothing in life is entirely without risk, however we do possess many life saving skills and equipment to handle basic scenarios such as newborn resuscitation, management of hemorrhage, suturing, etc.

Can I have conventional testing done?

Yes you may, but you always have the option to decline it also. Most of our mothers prefer to avoid the risks of unnecessary ultrasound, and those in monogamous relationships might feel less of a need for routine lab work. Everything is optional. In most cases, your insurance will cover the cost of lab work and ultrasound the same it would with other providers.

How do I obtain a birth certificate?

This is a fairly easy process. Following birth, your midwife will provide you with notarized paperwork by your 2 week postpartum visit. You will simply take this to the MA Town/City Clerk, and then once they have prepared the birth certificate for your little one, you will go to the nearest MA Social Security office if you desire.

I plan to circumcise my baby, can you help with arrangements?

No, despite any religious arguments for non-therapeutic circumcision, Khadijah does not advocate for any surgical alteration of the genitals of a minor. There are no valid medical arguments for circumcision. Circumcision carries risk of death and serious infection, in addition to risk of significantly affecting sensitivity and sexual function in puberty and adulthood. More than 200 babies die in the U.S> each year from complications relating to circumcision. Click here for more information about circumcision losses or to view a video of a newborn circumcision. Click here for questions about HIV and circumcision. Many babies do not cry despite the intense pain of circumcision, and this is why.

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