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In Home Natural Fertility Counseling and Insemination

intrauterine inseminationWhen baby making isn't going as you had hoped, knowledge and nutritional guidance goes a long way. If you have been trying to conceive naturally for more than six months without results, then help is here. What you learn about the most common reasons people fail to conceive may surprise you and nearly all issues can be easily improved through diet and other lifestyle changes. Many of my clients conceive naturally after 3-6 months of lifestyle and diet modification, even after having unsuccessfully tried IVF, IUI, or other assisted reproduction methods.

intrauterine inseminationIf additional help is needed, I offer low tech insemination via centrifugal or swim-up washing methods. Intrauterine insemination, or IUI, is a form of artificial insemination that deposits sperm into the uterus during ovulation. A thin, flexible catheter is used to bring washed sperm through the cervix and into the uterus. Fertility medications can be taken for ovulation induction, so that several eggs are released at the time of insemination. IUI is a quick, painless and minimally invasive fertility treatment.

How IUI is performed?

  • Ovulation Timing A woman's menstrual cycle must be carefully assessed to approximate when her body will ovulate. Medications can sometimes be used to induce ovulation, though they must be prescribed by an MD. Ultrasound may be optionally used to help ensure proper timing. The least expensive option is to test for LH surge using inexpensive urine test tests.
  • Sperm and Washing This process essentially separates the sperm from the semen and the resulting sperm is suspended in a special media that can placed inside the uterus. Allergies to saline and egg must be reported. Since we are a low-tech office, we will look at the sperm under a microscope, but we will not asses or test it for count motility and overall morphology.
  • Insemination During the artificial insemination, a catheter is placed through the cervix and into the uterus, where the washed sperm is deposited. Once the sperm is in the uterus, fertilization may occur.
  • Follow- Up You will be asked to take a home pregnancy test approximately two weeks later to test for conception. For those with known hormonal issues, you may be asked to return for labwork after ovulation.

Possible IUI side effects include multiple births, minor physical discomfort and stress. To help you feel more comfortable, in-home insemination, including intrauterine insemination (IUI) with fresh sperm washing is available. I am also happy to teach and advise on home insemination for those using pre-washed specimens, provided you can furnish proof that you samples are indeed washed. Normal office or home visit rates apply.

Price List:

    intrauterine insemination
  • In-office fertility and pre-conception counseling (optional) $125
  • In-home fertility and pre-conception counseling (optional) $150
  • Hour-long phone consultation $75/hr
  • IUI alone using pre-washed frozen sperm- $300*
  • IUI with fresh donor washing- $400*
  • Second IUI wash per event, if desired- $100
  • ICI with frozen or fresh semen- $250*
  • Ultrasound for follicle study- $200 per scan
* $50 cash only discount if paid at time of service. For home insemination, add $25 to all prices for gas. All costs for ovulation testing kits, pregnancy tests, fertility labwork (optional), and medications, if needed, are extra.