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Massachusetts Midwife

Khadijah Cisse is a traditional spiritual midwife and mother of seven who has been attending births since 1999 in various capacities. Living near the border of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and also a close drive to southern Maine, she covers a wide geographical area with both doula and homebirth servies. Having first attended a local midwifery school, Heaven and Earth Midwifery, she went on to complete a full-time and very busy apprenticeship with world renowned midwife, Nancy Wainer, where she obtained tremendous experience supporting mothers who, in many cases, would not have had a vaginal birth had they not been given the opportunity to birth at home. Khadijah has since attended over 1000 births both in the U.S. and abroad, and is an advocate of both midwife attended births and freebirth for empowered mothers who choose it. She supports progressive families of all backgrounds, most notably mothers who prefer to drive their own care experience and have complete autonomy over their body.

In addition to her experience supporting families in birth, Khadijah also has vast personal experience in birthing, and in loss. Her oldest son born in 2002 was a swift natural birth, followed by a quadruplet pregnancy that sadly ended in a traumatic cesarian, and ultimately the loss of her premature twin boys and twin girls. She then went on to have a second cesarean and difficult recovery from what had been planned to be another gentle homebirth, but healed emotionally from that experience with the subsequent freebirth (a waterbirth!) of her middle son in 2010, while supported by some amazing friends. It is through this personal journey that she maintains an unwavering commitment to mothers who feel they have been left broken in their birth and seek to have an experience where they feel empowered, supported, and free to take the path that leaves them whole.

Outside of her love of birthing, she has a strong inclination for natural living in all facets of life and is interested in permaculture, self sustainable living, unschooling, knitting (thanks to a client who sparked this interest), cultured foods, vegetable juicing, self healing, and "radical homemaking." Due to her inability to make milk, she is also extensively experienced with supplemental nursing and formerly ran a milk connection resource for over a decade. To compliment her midwifery practice, she is pursuing training in healing methods that involve kinesiology (muscle testing) and emotional freedom technique. Additionally, through her own quest to improve her health, she has extensive and increasing knowledge in integrative nutrition and whole food diets, plus herbal and homeopathic methods for healing.

"The road we travel in birth has the power to radically transform and promote inner growth, both as individuals, in our relationship with God and our partner, and in the bond we make with our blessed babies. My goal as your midwife is to be a gentle guide who seeks to be aligned with each mother, letting her make her own choices based on evidence to the best of my ability. My parents are not merely my clients, but become a piece of my family, forever bonded through our experiences together."